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It's Alive And Spreading!

We now live in a highly infected roof algae staining region. The limestone filler in your shingle is the cause. We have the solution, The ARMA, (Asphalt Shingle Manufacturer Association) recommends a periodic cleaning process that is affordable and can remove those unsightly stains and restore your shingles original appearance.

Roofs that should have a 25 year life span are being replaced in as little as 12-15 years because of cosmetics. This is why up to 50% of the roofs in Cincinnati are replaced unnecessarily, when all they really needed was to be cleaned. We are trying to get the word out, Don't waste your money on a new roof because of stains and appearance. We can make them go away in a few hours for a fraction of the costs of a new roof.

Ugly Shingle Restorer, Dirty Roof Cleaning

What's on your roof?

Have you noticed dark stains on your roof? Well those stains are actually a particular strain of algae spores called Gloeocapsa Magma, and it's alive and spreading! The algae can quickly spread, creating dark spots and streaks. Roof algae along with moss and lichen can reduce the life span your shingles. Algae spores are carried from roof to roof through wind, birds and small animals. It will only get worse!

The spores find a perfect environment for growth in your shingles, attacking the asphalt at the granule base first. Once the granules dislodge, accelerated deterioration will occur. Roof To Curb can remove the algae and bacteria that causes roof stains and help restore your roof shingles to their original appearance.

Here are just a few examples of the algae and bacteria found on your shingles.

• Blue Roof Algae - Creates black streaking, covering your shingles protective granules.
• Green Roof Algae - Appears black at beginning stages and grows into a green shade on lighter roofs.

About 40% of the roofs we treat present the following infestations:

• Green Moss - Thick and spongy, stronger root system than algae, Spreads with thick root system,
   does cause irreversible damage if not treated.
• Lichen - White spots and strands, moss in its early stages.
• Fungus And Shingle Mold- A small Microscopic spore that lands on your roof. It spreads by
   feeding on your roof.

Roof Stain Removal

The RTC Low Pressure Roof Cleaning Advantage

Your Roof To Curb Professionals deploy the newest and most advanced methods in low pressure roof cleaning technology. We start by covering and protecting your residential or commercial landscaping. We wet your property to begin cleaning. Next, a Roof To Curb Professional applies a cleaning solution to your shingles making sure every shingle is saturated to the point where the chemical begins to run. The solution turns a white color when in contact with a high growth mold, fungi and lichen strain. This oxidation process kills the Gloeocapsa Magma and other mold spores.

After given time to activate, the cleaning solution is rinsed and your roof is restored to its former beauty. Every roof cleaning is backed by a transferable two-year Roof To Curb Guarantee. If for some reason you notice anything we missed we will come back and clean it at no cost to you.

• 2 Year Algae Roof Stain Guarantee

• Soft Wash Cleaning Method

• Certified And Insured Professionals

Cincinnati's Roof Cleaning Guarantee

The RTC 2 Year Limited Algae Stain Roof Clean Guarantee

Thank you so much for allowing us to be of service to you. The success of our business depends upon our professionalism and care that we take with every client that we service. If we fall short in meeting your expectations please call us and let us know. If you are not satisfied, we’re not satisfied.

The Professionals of Roof to Curb Cleaning


  • 2 Year Guarantee: If any algae stains return within the first two years, we will remove it free of charge, no questions asked.

Referral Policy

Roof To Curb Profesionals continually strives to maintain a positive reputation in your community. All referrals, references and comments are much appreciated. If you have any suggestions on how Roof To Curb Profesionals can improve please feel free to contact Mike Estes at (513) 542-PROS (7767). As a token of our appreciation Roof To Curb Profesionals, has implemented the following referral program.

- A $25 Speedway Gift Card will be mailed to you upon completion of referred job and paid service.
*The referral will announce who has referred them on the quote.

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