Awning Cleaning Adventures

Awning at Apartments Before


Awning at Apartments After



Going into our fifth season serving the greater Cincinnati area, we are off to a very good start despite the rain and windy weather associated with our spring weather. Our opening of the season began with a rather large commercial awning cleaning project that included 38 canopy awnings.

All of the awnings were located at the front entrance of multi unit apartment buildings. These awnings are the focal point of the structures that provided shelter from the elements for the front doors. The awnings were stained with typical black mold and green algae with lichen growth. The mold, algae, and fungus growths have to be eradicated with a biocide. The mold and algae usually clean up on the second pass of cleaning however the lichen takes more effort with additional scrubbing. We always work on the side of caution cleaning awnings due to the delicate nature of the fabrics. We prefer to take several passes with soft brushes using a mild high foaming soap (helps lift the dirt from the woven fabric) than use a more aggressive heavier brush and run the risk of pilling or scratching the fabric.

Our process is tried and true. With hundreds of on-site awning cleanings ranging from some of Cincinnati’s premier restaurants to residential units to our credit we know how to get them clean.

We have come in behind other awning cleaning companies and removed stains that a Friday’s manager was told was not able to be cleaned and was a permanent stain.

If your awnings are in need of a cleaning call Roof To Curb for a free quote.

Gallatin County Library Job…Roof Stain Removal

Our Pro’s headed South and did an amazing job removing the roof stains off of this beautiful library that sits right on Main Street in Warsaw, KY.

We are not bulletbroof

As we  move into the winter season we are still receiving many inquiries for our services. We have worked in the cold and it takes the fun out of what we do best-cleaning roofs in the greater Cincinnati area. It would be nice if we could work year round.  Logic dictates that it’s not a great idea to go out and wash your car in 40 degree weather the same goes for roof cleaning or pressure washing  and awning cleaning. Once you are wet (we usually manage to get wet somehow either the overspray gets us from hydrating  foliage or changing valves in our spray hose) and when the wind hits you get real cold real fast.

Our season for cleaning roofs to remove moss, lichens and the blue green algae {Gloeocapsa Magma)  generally starts around late April. Awning cleaning comes in a little later as we gently hand scrub the awnings and our hands are constantly exposed to moisture throughout the process. We have seen some companies use pressure washers to clean awnings and we have witnessed the damage that process does. Around Mid may we are in full swing offering the aforementioned services as well as pressure washing and house soft wash.

Winter time allows a chance to take a breather and catch up on things around our shop. We use the best equipment on the market, but with all mechanical things they must be maintained.  Our shop is well equipped with tools to complete any project from fabrication to simple oil changes.
We know our equipment and keep it in top shape.  Not only do we know how to use it, we know how to build it.  This assures our clients that any mechanical delays will not cause a disruption in our business which in return, makes us one of the most reliable roof cleaning companies in the entire Cincinnati metro area.

In addition,  we have back-ups for everything which allows another protection to our client.  This includes everything from compressors, generators to pumps. We have never failed to complete a project due to equipment failure.

We see a lot of start up roof cleaning companies in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky with questionable and/or sub-standard cleaning equipment and the first thought that comes to mind are these really professionals that know what they are doing.  Choosing an inexperienced roof cleaner could be disastrous for the homeowner.  There are many things that could go wrong from ruining expensive foliage/shrubbery, accidentally getting overspray on your cars finish, to burning up the roof itself.  Some companies actually use pressure washers on your roof which is very destructive to the roof.  Pressure washing a roof will remove the crystal granules which protect the shingles sub-structure.  This could cause the need for premature replacement.

There is more to this profession than meets the eye. Roof To Curb outdoor cleaning professionals bring years of experience with many satisfied customers to back it up!

I remember years ago, when we completed a roof cleaning in the Loveland area.  The client walked up, put his hand on my shoulder and said, “You show up, you shut up, you clean up.”  Enough said!

Roof Cleaning Cincinnati-Working late into the season !

We service the greater Cincinnati.  The roof cleaning business in Cincinnati has a definite season. Last year we worked up until mid November. I recall the snow was blowing and the temps were in the low 20’s. We had a house wash that had to be completed for a home that was going on the market. The home was located in the Colerain Township area on a heavily wooded lot. There was quite  a bit of algae growth on the siding, the gutters were stained as well . Upon arrival and setting up the equipment I looked at my ground tech and thought “why are we out here in the snow”.  We pressed on and rolled out our hoses and started the compressor that drives the pump. It took several tries to get the engine going (due to the cold temps)…We finally got it going and gave it several minutes to warm up before we put a load on it.

We approached this project with our normal procedure however the rinse hose was freezing at the nozzle, our ground tech just left the valve on to keep a constant flow to mitigate the freezing valve. The process of moving around the structure was hampered by the stiff hose and halfway through the project the tech was soaked from the waist down. I was much better off as I was only catching some of the overspray. It was one of the roughest days we have ever had.

We completed the job and the home owner inspected the work and was very happy with the results. We drained and coiled the hoses the best we could and jumped into the warmed up truck and headed back to our shop. My day was not over though as the tank, pump and hoses had to be flushed. That was one day I was glad to put behind me. Lesson learned- I pretty much made it a policy to wind things down when the frost starts coming on a regular basis. The market in Cincinnati’s roof cleaning, pressure washing and house washing  business has a definite season.

The winter months give us a chance for a breather and time to perform maintenance on the trucks and trailered equipment. We went the entire season this year with out any equipment issues that caused any downtime. Our new rig performed flawlessly as well the pressure washing equipment-take care of your equipment and it will take care of you !

We are only roof cleaning company in the Cincinnati roof cleaning business to be certified by the RCIA. Contact us to remove those ugly black stains as well as moss eradication from your asphalt/tile roof as well cleaning/restoring cedar shakes.

We have been servicing the greater Cincinnati area,  Northern Ky and Southeastern IN since 2011

Roof Cleaning – The Low Pressure Method

I often think of the tradesmen that were at the forefront of the roof cleaning trade. I know of one who has well over two decades experience, he applied a chlorinated mixture to the roof with a paint roller attached to a stick that was dipped into a bucket. What a chore ! Thru time as the trade progressed specialty equipment was utilized and the preferred method of application was to spray the roof cleaning mix with a pump. I can only imagine lugging a heavy bucket up a ladder and trying to apply the detergent with a paint roller, the process would have put the tradesmen on the roof almost surely. Comparatively speaking we clean many roofs from the gutterline of the home. My personal motto is” you can’t fall from a roof if you don’t get on it”, we spray from the ladder whenever possible, however with a complex roofline, necessity dictates we climb onto the roof .

The low pressure method we employ to clean those black stains/streaks known as Gloeocapsa magma from roofs at Roof To Curb is tried and true- Straight from the ARMA ( Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Association) guidelines. We have a seasoned staff that utilizes a proven process that yields consistent results, we get roofs clean!

Roof to Curb is well established and the most reliable company to clean dirty roofs in Cincinnati. Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana.

Thanks for a great season !

Thanks so much to the greater Cincinnati area that we serve. We were very busy this season all the way through the early fall.

We cleaned many roofs from asphalt shingles to cedar shake. One particular project stands out. It was a stately home located in Wyoming that had a glazed tile roof. We were called upon to remove the moss and lichen growth that had grown on the surface of the tiles and to remove the dirt that had accumulated over the years The roof was in good condition however the appearance left much to be desired. The roof required a few applications of our detergent with a low pressure rinse at the end of the process to finally get all the growth and dirt removed. We were able to restore the appearance of a very expensive roof to its former glory at a fraction of the cost of replacement. We also soft washed the stone exterior of the home as well as cleaning the stone retaining walls and pavers with our pressure washing equipment. Our client was well pleased with the transformation that our services provided to their new home.

One thing for sure it never gets boring or mundane working in this field, there is such of variety of work. Each home we service has its own uniqueness. And being a student of architecture I enjoy working on everything from a simple ranch style to an ornate Victorian. I see so much neat stuff right here in the greater Cincinnati area.

Thanks to all our customers for another great season !

The Cost Of Roof & Awning Cleaning and our Annual Sale for Services

There are many factors that affect the cost of having a stained roof professionally cleaned. The costs associated with operating a roof cleaning business such as maintaining proper liability insurance, equipment, materials, advertising, accounting and last but not least the actual manpower to do the physical work.

When figuring the cost of cleaning a roof,  one of the main issues is what type of access do  we have to get to the roof.  Dormers present a challenge as they require additional positioning of the sprayer which entails moving the ladder and spray equipment several times which will warrant an upcharge.

Another factor is if we have to walk the roof as opposed to spraying from the gutter-line.   Other components that will contribute to the cost is whether the technician is required to navigate a steep pitched roof at 2 and 3 story elevations as there is a certain amount of risk involved.

Location and access will also be a major contributor to the cost of cleaning an Awning.  However, the cost of materials for awning cleaning are more costly than a roof.

We have been developing a reputation in the Cincinnati metro area as being reasonable on our prices and delivering our high quality services in a timely and professional manner.  Even better, we are offering a sale on our services for the remainder of July.

Mention this blog and if you contract with us for services thru the end of July and have the work performed prior to September 1, 2015, you can get $25.00 off of services up to $500.00, $50.00 off services from $501 to $999.o0 and $100.00 off services above $1000.00.


Roof Cleaning Helps You Sell

Roof cleaning helps you sell.  Are you getting your home ready to list in Cincinnati?  With the help of Roof to Curb Cleaning Pros, CONTACT us now!

This homeowner contacted us to clean his roof because because he was preparing his home for the MLS.  Being former Realtor’s, we know that curb appeal sells. Our pro’s went to work removing the ugly “algae spore” stains and the heavy moss.  Moss has roots and is very damaging to shingles.

The internet is an 24/7 open house.  A buyers first point of contact is critical.  Viewers spend over 60% of their time on the photo’s, and the most important picture is the first one.  The roof makes up over 40% of your homes front elevation.  What does a ugly stained roof say to the viewer?  Roof cleaning costs about 90% less than a new one, and the shingle manufacturer’s recommend a no-pressure periodic cleaning to remove the sports that are the cause of the stains.

Recent research on the behavior of internet reports just how critical  it is to have a positive first impression with the first picture.    The first picture is called the “money shot”, and its viewed by 95% of the home buyers for over 20 seconds.  Without a great front elevation shot, the  battle is lost.

Over 40% of the viewers did not read the agents description details, 20% was spent on viewing the details of the home.  Viewer’s spent less than 10 seconds looking at interior shots of the home.

Is your home standing out for the wrong reasons on the internet?  Roof stains can be removed in a safe, cost-effective process that will return your homes shingles to their original appearance.

Roof to Curb can give you your roof back.  Call us today!

Its been a rainy April

Typical April showers for the tri-state area have not hampered our ability to get out there on the nice days and clean some very stained roofs.

We have been busy working for home owners on everything from concrete surface cleaning, awnings, and roof stain removal.

We appreciate the patience of our new clients that we met at the recent Home And Garden show to schedule their spring cleaning projects during this rainy season.

Home soft wash transformation

This week our services were called upon for a complete exterior cleaning of a home located in the suburbs of Cincinnati Ohio. The Home was located on a wooded lot that provided ample shade for green algae to form on the vinyl siding. This service included washing the siding,gutters,downspouts and soffits as well as a sunroom. The algae was completely eradicated as well as insect residue by our detergents. Softwashing is one of our most popular services that can transform any home in a matter of a few hours. We have the right equipment and knowledge to get the job done correctly and safely.
Home soft washing and roof cleanings provide instant results that are immediately noticable adding curb appeal and value to your home.
For all your homes exterior cleaning needs including asphalt and cedar shake roof cleaning, pressure washing, and on-site awning cleaning. Our name says it all Roof To Curb.